Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Sohbet - English

Sohbet - English

When Sufis, maybe from various 'tariqas' meet, there is always much light, much love, much exchange, sometimes in silence, sometimes in sighs,sometimes they speak about topics around the ‚Path‘.

They call these meetings ‚Sohbet‘.


Well, my dear Murshid, counting a hundred years back, you had already been giving your teachings for seven years, and you kept reminding us, your listeners: ‚Do not think my work lies only in words - remember that one single candle can lighten up an entire city, or an entire nation‘.

If I could only show you around here now, today, tell you how your work resounds and finds hearts and ears!

... and could show you my gratitude!

Lovingly. Puran

Petama Project of the Happy Beggars

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