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Shakuntala - A Sanskrit Theatre Play

Shakuntala - A Sanskrit Theatre Play

Shakuntala lives in an Ashram, King Dushyanta of the Puru Dynasty hunts in the forest, falls in love with Shakuntala, returns to the court, forgets her. Shakuntala does not wish to live on this earth anymore, out of shame, disappears, gives birth to a son, and the wise foretell that he will give India her name, Bharata....

Hazrat Inayat Khan created music to the play, in Winter 1913 in Moscow, at the court of the Tsar, just before the Russian Revolution; the music is never played, survives Revolution and Sovjet Union - and is being performed at the Glinka Museum in Moscow for the first time, 80 years later...

Read the story and listen to the music!
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Heartily                     Puran

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