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Zyriab - a story in the history

Zyriab - A story in the history

Abu l-Hasan Ali ibn Nafì (Arabic, أبو الحسن علي ابن نافع), known as Ziryab (زرياب,  'Blackbird') due to his dark skin and beautiful voice, was a poet, cuisinier, musician and singer, presumably of Kurdish origin, although other sources describe him as a black slave freed later (born in Iraq 789 - died in Córdoba c.857). He was famous for the fine oriental manners he introduced at the court of Córdoba.

Beyond this he has inspired generations of musicians, until today - und so it is much worth to remember his story in the history of Al-Andalus.

This Ebook is an excerpt from the book 'Dost Chelo'
Heartily                  Puran
Listen to his music - alive until today!

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