Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

The Prince of the Dolomites

To start well into this Year 2015 

So much lies hidden in us, ready to awaken...
in children, in adults, in cultures, in continents.

Most heartily welcome to this little story, dear friends. 

It is a story, as they love to tell in the valleys of the Trentino, when the 'Nonna', grandma, stirs the Polenta for hours over the big wood fire, until in the evening it would lay on the plate, as spicy and as fragrant, with the smell of fire, like bread. 

While waiting for the fine dinner the children would peep through the small windows into the valley, deeply covered with snow; so wonderful to sit in a warm room and listen to the crackling of the fire, in happy expectation that at a certain moment 'Nonno', grandpa, would light his pipe and would start to tell the story on the warm little bench of the tiled stove... 

When the children would turn their heads a little, they could see, round the corner of the house, one of the big peaks of the Dolomites, and they would always think of the pointed caps of the Little Folks..

This is how it feels, when we feel well - let us think of it when we meet the human beings who are homeless. 
Zurich, January 2015                            Puran

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