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Dost Chelo - Eng

Dost Chelo - Friend, let us set out, life is calling us!

Stories about the value of friendship, today, beyond life, and about what friendship holds together - click.

In the life of the author again and again a fine golden thread showed up, and along this golden thread the stories of this book have lined up.

Often a shock reminds us of it, in the beginning of 2014 it was the unexpected passing of Paco de Lucía, a wonderful Flamenco guitarist, which brought forth a whole bunch of flowers of memories.

So the stories in ‚Dost Chelo‘ span a wide arc, over the centuries, into various cultures, stories about friendships:

- The one in the life of Paco de Lucía towards his guitar and the Flamenco music. 
- The one of a Scissor Sharpener, travelling through Switzerland with the Annual Ticket.
- The one of two young lads in the Alcázar von Sevilla and a glass of Whisky
   in their hand.
- The one of Harûn er-Râshid in Baghdad, and why he did not wish to give
   his two most prominent court musicians the chance to hammer on a buzzer.
- The one of a young guitarmaker and his father, carpenter in Sevilla.
- The friendship which is not yet born.
- 'Dost Chelo', that unbreakable friendship between a musician
   with a life task and his cousin.

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