Montag, 16. April 2012

Twenty Jataka Tales

Noor Inayat Khan has retold and published these fables from the Buddhist tradition in the year 1939. Some titles: The Monkey Bridge, the Tortoise and the Geese, The Fairy and the Hare, The End of the World, The Golden Feathers, The Young Parrot, The Baby Quail and the Woodfire, The Two Pigs, The Patient Buffalo, The Quarrelsome Quails, the Empty Lake...

The stories carry a beautiful music and touch the heart of all listeners, adults and children alike. Stefania Mattinzioli has created the drawings and with a great heart and fineness brought to light the little, subtle aspects of the characters.

Ebook Twenty Jataka Tales - click
A printed book in German is available - see Petama Bookshop

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